Welcome from Rachel Paling | 1 August 2020

Welcome to our summer edition of the NL Coach Magazine

Summer is here and what an extraordinary year this has been so far and I am sure we have not seen the last of extraordinary.  I was curious to understand the meaning of extraordinary because normally it has a positive connotation and in fact in the Latin “extra ordinem” it means “outside the normal course of events”, but then passed into late Middle English and now presents the meaning “very unusual or remarkable”. So, my feeling is it transitioned from a neutral emotional feeling of the word to a more positive connotation as the word became more used in the English language. Isn’t it fascinating how we use words to shape our reality and the power of the words can dictate the positivity or negativity that they arouse within us and within the people we transmit our thoughts too.  I choose to stick with the word “extraordinary” for 2020 as it definitely has been a year “extra ordinem” and one that none of us worldwide will ever forget. It has also been a challenging year for each and every one of us worldwide, but human resilience is phenomenal and I know that many of you as NL Coaches have been going beyond your normal “sessions” to offer support and knowledge about the brain to friends, family members, acquaintances and well as your clients and learners. 

I would really like to take this moment to acknowledge all of the NL Coaches worldwide as you too are “extraordinary” with the late Middle English understanding of “very unusual and remarkable”. As Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change that you want to see in the world”, I would like to add that you are that change.

Stay courageous for the rest of 2020

Warm wishes