We have reached the eighth issue and I must say that I am so proud and delighted about its articles.

This is going to be an issue full of  “stars”, glow and dazzling people, who make the difference every day and who may lighten up a new path in your thoughts.

Aleksandra Zaparucha, a real front line CLIL teacher will try to demonstrate, via her own personal, learning journey, why we should be using CLIL in our classes. Ivana Stiglec from Croatia will analyse  the importance of offering choice to our students. I am so happy to have interviewed one of the top educators in the world, Angela Maiers, who will stress again why we should promote the motto “you matter” from every possible channel of education. Asmae Aboulfaraj from Morocco will inform the global educational community about the severe problem of violence in her country. Sharyn Collins, our precious contributor, was amazed by the talent and positive energy of  Kyrylo Chuyko (CARL, our amazing co host at the Neuroheart Education Conference) and she had an amazing interview with him, which will stand as a life lesson for us all and teach us that, indeed, “incredible things can happen”! Continuing with this flood of positive energy and ideas, I am pleased to present to you an interview with Reece Coker, the founder of Positive Psychology Guild and an expert on Psychology and Education. You will be inspired by his life achievements, his ideas and I am sure you will want to find more about Positive Psychology after you read this piece.

Last but not least, Maria Davou from Greece, one of the top, leading ELT trainers in Europe will provide an accurate and to the point description of the new educational framework, as it was formed after the pandemic.

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, sit comfortably and let our articles and interviews blow your mind, until the next issue! Enjoy!